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Year 7 gifted and talented project

News Sim: A Celebration of Learning Showcase

10th April 2019

The College provides a variety of programs designed to extend and challenge students' critical and creative thinking skills. The News Sim Project is an example of this - a unique program designed for our Year 7 gifted and talented students.

230 students from across the NBSC successfully participate in the project throughout Term 1.  Students are challenged to question what is important to a news corporation - success or integrity? Can they both mutually exist?

The driving question is "How will your news corp maintain its integrity whilst staying ahead of the pack?" 

Working in teams our students discover what constitutes journalistic integrity; investigate how news corps operate and explore different types of newspapers and features. The students investigate the concept of sensationalism, identify fact from fiction and deconstruct the language of media criticism.

With this knowledge students publish a newspaper (see below) and create a Media Watch episode. Students present their learning to a panel of highly reputable journalists.  Each Media Watch episode is followed by a Q&A with the experts. 

New Sim Celebration of Learning event

NBSC Freshwater Senior Campus, The Performance Theatre Wednesday, 10th April.

Bally Blast Newspaper

Cromer Catch-Up Newspaper

Cromer Scoop Newspaper 

Pines Productions

The Bally Times Newspaper

The Morning Manly  

The Bally Bomb